Google Chrome

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Google Chrome

Behind the Open Source Browser Project

Today, most of what we use the Web for on a day-to-day basis aren't just Web pages, they're applications. (Brian Rakowski, Product Manager)

People are watching and uploading videos, chatting with each other, playing Web-based games... All these things that didn't exist when the first browsers were created. (Pam Greene, Software Engineer)

Wouldn't it be great, then, to start from scratch — and design something based on the needs of today's Web applications and today's users?

First, browsers need to be more stable. When you're writing an important email or editing a document, a browser crash is a big deal. (Darin Fisher, Software Engineer)

Browsers also need to be faster, they need to start faster, load pages faster — (Lars Bak, Software Engineer)

— and for Web apps, javascript itself can be a lot faster. (Kasper Lund, Software Engineer)

They need to be more secure. Given what's known about mass browser exploits, browsers need architectural changes to disadvantage malware. (Ian Fette, Product Manager)

And we want browsers to find that sweet spot between too many features and too few, with a clean, simple, and efficient user interface. (Ben Goodyear, Software Engineer)

Finally, Google Chrome is a fully open source browser. We want others to adopt ideas from us — just as we've adopted good ideas from others.

Part One

Stability, Testing and the Multi-Process Architecture

When we started this project, ...